Concept of Rebirth - Dr. Salila Nayak

Concept of Rebirth - Dr. Salila Nayak
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The concept of rebirth leads to the conclusion that nothing happens by accident. This is not a fatalistic idea, however, since whatever happens is both the result of previous choices and actions and is necessary for completing the experience of the individual. What happens to us is the fulfilment of what we have done in the past; what is to be in the future will likewise be the result of present actions. The Karma created by previous actions cannot be altered. We can, however, determine future birth. Knowledge, alone liberates from the wheel of rebirth, wisdom and knowledge purity the way of life and action. The aspirant must continuously prepare himself for receiving true knowledge, which will enlighten and liberate him. He must look for the deeper levels of knowledge beneath and behind the superficiality of fact and cognitive experience.

The selfless action is the means by which we can attain the highest spiritual realization leading to liberation from rebirths.

The advantage of reincarnation in human form is that it provides the one reborn with a certain degree of free will which can be used for spiritual progress and for overcoming the bonds of previous Karma. It is necessary to understand that there are four kingdoms in the cosmos: The human, the animal, the vegetable and the kingdom of clay and stone. Human life affords the opportunity of evolution towards a certain destiny, that destiny is determined by ourselves alone. When we become dependent upon the fruits of our actions, our destiny takes a form that may necessitate many, additional lives; but through selfless action liberation can be achieved in this life.

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