Concept of Indra in Puranas पुराणेषु इन्द्रचरितं

Concept of Indra in Puranas पुराणेषु इन्द्रचरितं
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Indra, the chief god of the early Hindu religion and God of Rain and Thinder, has been highly acclaimed in the Rigveda. One fouth of the hymns of the Rigveda has been attributed to him. The Puranic Indra has been connecyed with alomost all legends of Puranic episodes for their development.

Dr. Gangadhar Panda, a modern sankritist, has elucidated the concept of Indra in the Epics and the Puranas. He has also dealt with later Puranic development of Indra in the classical Sanskrit literature. This is an epoach making and unique work in the field of Indology. This piece of work will definitely leave a new imprint on the minds of Sanskrit scholars 

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