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An upto-date attempt is made in this work to investigate the problem from a new perspective, based on the evidence of 231 manuscripts of the plays of which 184 are hitherto unused by any scholar. Here it is established for the first time that at least one work ascribed to Bhasa, namely Avimaraka states unambiguously that it is written by Katyayana. Based on manuscript sources the author questions the validity of the assumption that all the thirteen plays belong to Bhasa. His contention is that except perhaps for Svapnavasavadatta and Pratijnayaugandharayana, none of the other works can positively be assigned to Bhasa or even to a pre-Kalidasa writer.

A significant chapter in this book discusses the presentation of ' Bhasa Plays' on the Kerala stage. The author has given here copious details regarding the staging of these plays based on his several interviews, with professional actors known Cakyars in Kerala, many of them octogenarians, and also on several unpublished stage manuals.

This publication underlines the need for serious efforts on the part of Sanskrit scholars to reopen the Bhasa problem and examine the various issues involved, in an objective, dispassionate  and scientific manner, based on the hitherto untapped  original sources lying hidden in the recesses of several manuscripts collections in different parts of India, particularly in Kerala.

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