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साहित्यदर्पणस्य ग्रन्थयस्योपरि यद्यपि बह्वयः टीकाः कृत व्याख्याकारै:,परं समुपलभ्यन्ते अष्टवैव टीकाः अस्मिन ग्रन्थे विवृति- विज्ञपरिया-कुसुमप्रतिमा-लक्ष्मी-विवृतिपूर्ति-लोचनं-विमला-रुचिरा नाम्नाटीकनाम पाठा: प्रदत्ता: Most cited definition of poetry is from Sahityadarpana – vakyam rasatmakam kavyam (any composition which gives tasteful pleasure is poetry) #साहित्यदर्पण (mirror of composition) is Viswanatha's most famous work and arguably one of the most comprehensive works in Indian aesthetics Viswanatha Kaviraja ascended literary heights during 2 successive Gangavamsi rulers of Kaling (Orissa):Narasimh Dev IV & Nishank Bhanudev IV Sahityadarpana has ten chapters. In the first chapter, it defines poetry. In second chapter, it defines what a sentence or composition is. In the third – and one of the most important – it defines rasa. The other important chapter is sixth, which deals with dramaturgy Other important chapters are the ninth & tenth.Former deals with ritis or styles, while the last chapter explains the theories with examples

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