सौर पुराण

सौर पुराण
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सौर पुराणSaura Purāņa is one of the Shaiva Upapuranas containing 69 chapters. The chapter colophons of this text mention it as a part of the Brahma Purana. 

Saura Purana, though proclaimed by Surya, eulogises Shiva and his shakti Parvati. It praises Varanasi and describes its various sacred places and lingas. It consists of a version of the narrative of Urvasi and Pururavas in chapter 31. It also deals with Devi worship, merits of dānas (donations), vratas (vows) and brief descriptions of the Puranas. Chapters 38-40 contain attacks on Madhvacharya, an early medieval philosopher and his works in the form of a prophecy.

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