कालिका पुराण (मूल, श्लोकानुक्रमणीका तथा भूमिका सहित)

कालिका पुराण (मूल, श्लोकानुक्रमणीका तथा भूमिका सहित)
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Kālikā Purāṇa is considered as one of the 18 Upapuranas. It contains 98 chapters with over 9000 shlokas to popularize the cult of Shakti particularly Goddess Kamakhya. This text describes in detail the rivers and mountains at Kamarupa tirtha and mentions the Kamakhya temple. It glorifies the goddess Kamakhya, or Kamakshi and details the ritual procedures required for worshiping her. It is the only work of the genre dedicated to the worship of the goddess Kali in her manifold forms such as GirijaDeviBhadrakali, and Mahamaya.

The fisrt half (though not divided into parts) deals with marriage of Sati to Shiv, her death and rebirth, her reunion with Shiva, the identification of Mahamaya (Goddess) with Kamakhya, the Naraka myth and Vashistha's curse on Kamakhya etc. 

The second half dealsexclusively with the rituals of worshipping the Goddess. Kālikā Purāṇa also gives vivid description of the hills, rivers and sacred places of Kamapup with presiding deities.

The work belongs to the goddess-oriented Shakta branch of Hinduism. Most probably it was composed in Kamarupa (modern Assam) in the 9th Century. 

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